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18 January 2022

Slowing Down Chicken Growth

A wide-ranging, comprehensive research project investigating how different growth rates affect chickens’ health and welfare may change the poultry industry
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14 January 2022

New Technique Pinpoints Where Food Comes From

Spatial fingerprinting, a new method for detecting where food items originate, could help the global food system become more transparent
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15 November 2021

Digging Deep to Find Out What’s Happening in the Soil

The need to find more sustainable ways to produce food is urgent, with a world population predicted to reach nine
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8 November 2021

Food from Thought Researchers Publish Studies on Farm Management

Dr. Andrew MacDougall, an associate professor in the Department of Integrative Biology and his team have published two studies on
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1 November 2021

Helping Farmers Protect the Environment

University of Guelph researchers are working directly with farmers to quantify how their ecologically beneficial practices can protect the environment
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31 October 2021

HQP Scholar’s Research Explores Ways to Fight Food Fraud

Maleeka Singh’s experiences with two prestigious University of Guelph graduate student programs have helped increase her knowledge, boost her confidence
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4 October 2021

Champion Petfoods Announces FfT Researcher as the New Chair in Pet Nutrition

Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller, an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Biosciences, has been named as the inaugural Champion
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social media
10 June 2021

Food from Thought Researcher Publishes Study on Predicting COVID-19 Waves Using Social Media

  Dr. Rozita Dara, a professor in the School of Computer Science led a study evaluating several digital data streams,
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Cellular Agriculture
19 May 2021

FeedBack: Mitigating Technological Disruptions in Canadian Agri-Food Sector

Source: Getty Images FeedBack is a reflections blog authored by the AFI-HQP Grad Scholars on their experiences in the program. 
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19 May 2021

FeedBack: Agriculture and Sustainability: An Oxymoron or Stewards for Sustainability?

FeedBack is a reflections blog authored by the AFI-HQP Grad Scholars on their experiences in the program.  Joshua Barrett is
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Researchers with the University of Guelph’s dry bean breeding program
6 May 2021

U of G Research Beans Donated to Local Organizations

Researchers with the University of Guelph’s dry bean breeding program recently donated over 2,000 kilograms of beans to the Guelph
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Image of soil found in Auroville, Tamil Nadu
1 May 2021

Food from Thought Researcher Helps Develop a New Digital Soil Map for India

Dr. Asim Biswas, an associate professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph, is among the team of scientists that have developed the first
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2021 Food from Thought Commercialization Grant Awardees
25 March 2021

Food from Thought 2021 Commercialization Grant Recipients Announced

Healthier animals, people and environment are the goals of three University of Guelph projects receiving $150,000 in total from the
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22 February 2021

Food from Thought Researcher Discusses Technology in the Future of Food and Agriculture

In an article for The Conversation, Food from Thought researcher Dr. Evan Fraser discusses technologies that have the potential to
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26 January 2021

Food from Thought Project Transforming Agri-Food Research Enters its Fourth Year

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Food from Thought researchers at the University of Guelph continue to pursue leading-edge projects intended
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30 October 2020

Food from Thought Mourns Death of Food Laureate Anita Stewart

On October 29, Canada lost one of its biggest Food Champions. We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing
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Alfons Weersink
30 October 2020

Food from Thought Researcher Discusses COVID-19 and Canadian Agriculture

The Department of Food Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) held its first faculty-led online seminar this past Thursday (October 29)
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Celebrate Women's History Month
13 October 2020

Food from Thought Researchers Share Reflections on Women’s History Month

Many women have made extraordinary contributions to science, culture, and the liberation movement throughout Canadian history. October is Women’s History
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