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From left to right: Sheep farmer Liz Smith, OMAFRA sheep specialist Delma Kennedy, and Cánovas lab members Dr. Angela Cánovas, Kristin Lee, Samla Cunha, and Olivia Willoughby in the lamb pen at Breezy Ridge Farm in Georgina, Ontario.
15 March 2023

HQP Scholars Using OMICs Technologies to Study the Immune Response of Parasite-Infected Sheep

Infection with gastrointestinal nematodes (a type of infectious parasite) is a significant problem affecting sheep livestock, and it’s expected to
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Canadian Bee Gut Team members sampling hives during Fall/2022. Left to right: Elizabeth Mallory, Andrew Pitek
13 March 2023

Canadian Bee Gut Project Set to Expand Sampling Range in 2023

In exciting news for Canadian honeybee enthusiasts, the Food from Thought-funded Canadian Bee Gut Project is expanding its sampling range
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9 March 2023

Learning the Language of Plants Could Improve Crop Yields

Learning more about how crop plants communicate – especially under competition from weeds – is the goal of University of
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Deus Mugabe with Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau
6 March 2023

HQP Scholar Joins Roundtable on Canada’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy

On March 3, a roundtable was held at the University of Guelph to discuss Canada’s Sustainable Agriculture Strategy with the
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1 March 2023

Mixing Beans Helps Growers and the Environment

Mixed beans can mean higher yields and reduced risk for farmers and also help the environment, say University of Guelph
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16 February 2023

Picture This: Technology Developed to Bolster Climate Change Studies

University of Guelph researchers are studying the use of diversified crop rotations to reduce carbon emissions and help combat climate
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1 February 2023

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Northern Farming Frontiers

Food from Thought researchers at the University of Guelph hope to help improve Canadian, and potentially global, food production. “Our
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25 January 2023

U of G Workshop to Help Researchers Unlock Power of Data Reusability

As part of its commitment to leading agri-food data management, the University of Guelph will host a workshop series Feb.
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24 January 2023

U of G Expert in Precision Agriculture to Share Insights at OSCIA Meeting

Food from Thought researcher John Sulik, assistant professor of Precision Agriculture in the Department of Plant Agriculture, will be a
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Riparian Buffers
23 January 2023

Research Reveals Riparian Farm Buffers Effective at Capturing Dissolved Crop Nutrients

Riparian farm buffers, which are strips of vegetation planted along the banks of streams and rivers, have been found to
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20 January 2023

Food from Thought Research Meeting Brings Together Agri-Food Experts

On January 19th, Food from Thought held a meeting to bring together researchers at U of G currently working on
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18 January 2023

Growing Crops in Northern Canada: What Are the Odds?

Learning more about growing crops in northern Canada under climate change is the goal of a Food from Thought research
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29 September 2022

U of G Partners with Human Colossus Foundation for Better Sharing of Agri-Food Research Data

Helping agri-food researchers make the most of their data is the goal of a new research agreement between the University
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29 August 2022

FfT Researchers Find Cyber-attacks a Growing Threat to Farm and Food Security

Food from Thought Researcher Ali Dehghantanha, assistant professor and director of the Cyber Science Lab in the School of Computer
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25 June 2022

Food from Thought Thematic III Kickoff Meeting Focuses on Research Collaboration

Food from Thought held a kickoff meeting for its third and final Thematic Research Fund (Thematic III) on June 13,
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22 June 2022

Food from Thought Scientific Director Authors EU Report on Food Systems

The European Commission established a high-level expert group in February 2021 to look at food systems and assess the gaps
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21 June 2022

Food from Thought Funded Research is the Top Downloaded Paper in Journal

The Food from Thought-funded paper, “The Politics of Digital Agricultural Technologies: A Preliminary Review,” published in Sociologia Ruralis, is among
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30 May 2022

Food from Thought Thematic III Research Fund: 23 Researchers Awarded Over $8 Million

Climate change, pandemic recovery, food safety and animal health are the themes of research projects supported by more than $8
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