5 September 2019

Research Project: Social Impacts of Digital Agricultural Technologies

Social Impacts of Digital Agricultural Technologies: Perspectives from Canada The University of Guelph is inviting Canadian crop farmers to participate
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27 August 2019

Global News: Pollinating bees may be exposed to lethal levels of neonics in soil on southern Ontario farms: study

Research supported by the Canada Research Excellence Fund through Food from Thought has found that ground-nesting bees, such as squash
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1 August 2019

Transparency in food supply chains: A review of enabling technology solutions

In a recently-published review, University of Guelph researchers investigate technologies that support data-driven, transparent food systems. These technologies could allow
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8 July 2019

Guest Speaker: Dr. Lenore Newman special guest on FoodFarm Talk

Dr. Lenore Newman, Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at the University
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27 June 2019

Hosting interdisciplinary workshop in digital agriculture

Food from Thought hosted a digital agriculture workshop on June 27, facilitated by Bronwynne Wilton of Wilton Consulting Group. The
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26 June 2019

Inaugural year for Agri-Food Excellence Symposium

Finding balance and an interdisciplinary approach to agri-food sustainability. These were two key messages that resonated across two and a
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21 June 2019

U of G News: Prof Leads $180-Million Global DNA Barcoding Initiative

Food from Thought principal investigator prof. Paul Hebert is helping to launch BIOSCAN, a new $180-million, seven-year DNA barcoding project
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6 June 2019

Award: Inaugural research assistant to be awarded top graduate student convocation award

One of Food from Thought’s inaugural research assistants, Andrew Nixon, will receive U of G’s top convocation award for graduate
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27 May 2019

Agri-food radio program hosted by graduate students

Two University of Guelph graduate students have teamed up to deliver FoodFarm Talk, an interactive and innovative agri-food themed program
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1 May 2019

Award: 2019 International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) – European Symposium

Krishna Gelda, a master’s student working on principal investigator Jeffrey Farber’s Food from Thought-supported research, has won the award for
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26 April 2019

University Affairs: U of Guelph’s DNA barcode centre catalogues Earth’s biodiversity

The DNA barcoding work at the University of Guelph’s Centre for Biodiversity Genomics is highlighted in a new University Affairs
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18 April 2019

Industry News: Dairy School: Optimizing health and welfare in robot herds

Food from Thought principal investigator prof. Trevor DeVries discusses dairy health and welfare, and leveraging large amounts of data collected
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11 April 2019

National Post: Canadian cookbooks don’t have the best advice when it comes to food safety

Principal investigator prof. Jeff Farber is featured in the National Post discussing food safety and cookbooks. “The household kitchen is
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9 April 2019

Industry News: Transition Milk Boosts Calves’ Digestive Development

Newborn dairy calves don’t grow much in the first week of life, and University of Guelph researcher Michael Steele thinks
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4 April 2019

National Public Radio: Bad Diets Are Responsible For More Deaths Than Smoking, Global Study Finds

Food from Thought scientific director and principal investigator, Evan Fraser, comments on availability of healthy foods in this National Public
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1 April 2019

Industry News: Questions remain around blockchain and beef traceability in Canada

Food from Thought’s director of research data strategy, Karen Hand, comments in Canadian Cattleman about considerations for blockchain in food traceability.
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28 March 2019

Industry News: Precision agriculture meets precision conservation

Research funded in part by Food from Thought was featured in Country Guide on March 18th and March 21st. Prof.
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12 February 2019

Conversation Canada: From cannabis edibles to plant proteins: 2019 food trends

Food from Thought principal investigator Alfons Weersink was featured in the Conversation Canada discussing 2019 food trends, including flexitarian diets,
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