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Food from Thought is a research program at the University of Guelph funded in part by a $76.6-million grant from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. Food from Thought will position Canada as a global leader in the development of innovative solutions that improve both the sustainability and productivity of agricultural production at global, landscape, and micro scales.

By the Numbers


More than $35 million invested in research


165 Expert faculty researchers

300 +

300+ Outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows


60 Patents and copyrights generated by Food from Thought research projects


61 Highly qualified personnel scholarships awarded to graduate students


13 Policy fellows have completed the Policy Fellowship Program

Fostering Agricultural Research & Innovation

Food from Thought brings together the University of Guelph’s world-renowned food and agricultural researchers, along with partnerships in industry, decision-makers and other research institutions, to find solutions to key challenges facing food and agriculture today.

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