Transparency in Food Supply Chains: A Review of Enabling Technology Solutions

Thu, 1, August, 2019 by Food from Thought

In a recently-published review, University of Guelph researchers investigate technologies that support data-driven, transparent food systems. These technologies could allow for more waste reduction, improved supply chain efficiencies, better food traceability, and faster identification of contamination causes.

“The developments impacting our food supply chains – a growing population, massive amounts of big data, foodborne illnesses, consumer demands – are resulting in increased pressure to improve transparency in our food systems,” says prof. Rozita Dara (School of Computer Science), the lead principal investigator. “This will require participation from many stakeholders, and increased communication among groups such as producers, processors and manufacturers, and food retailers. It will also require adoption of new technologies in food supply chain to ensure food data quality, interoperability, and processing for decision-making and compliance with regulations. ”

Read the full review: Transparency in food supply chains: A review of enabling technology solutions.