Industry News: Precision Agriculture Meets Precision Conservation

Thu, 28, March, 2019 by Food from Thought

Research funded in part by Food from Thought was featured in Country Guide on March 18th and March 21st.

Prof. Clarence Swanton discussed the idea of profiting more by farming less in the March 18 article. Sustainability, profitability, and soil health and ecosystem services can potentially all be enhanced by taking unprofitable areas of a farm out of production.

On March 21, professors Swanton, Madhur Anand, Aaron Berg, and postdoctoral fellow Virginia Capmourteres were featured for a study their team conducted on three farms in Ontario. Their research leveraged profit maps and yield data to assess a win-win scenario where unprofitable cropland is refocused on ecosystem services so producers can concentrate on their profitable acres. The ultimate goal is a solution so that producers can conduct this research easily on their own lands, says Capmourteres.