Food from Thought Research Meeting Brings Together Agri-Food Experts

Fri, 20, January, 2023 by Food from Thought

On January 19th, Food from Thought held a meeting to bring together researchers at U of G currently working on newly funded thematic III projects focusing on research integration. The goal of the meeting was to provide updates on ongoing research and discuss challenges and opportunities.

A diverse group of faculty attended the meeting representing various research disciplines and expertise. Discussions focused on finding ways to collaborate, share knowledge and work through challenges faced in the early stages of these complex projects.

The meeting featured several breakout sessions, where attendees could delve deeper into specific topics, such as data integration, project management, and the science-policy interface. These sessions provided a platform for researchers to share their experiences and best practices and identify areas for improvement and collaboration.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for researchers to hear about new developments with each others’ projects and gain insights into the potential impact they will have on the future of agriculture.