Food from Thought Scientific Director Authors EU Report on Food Systems

Wed, 22, June, 2022 by Food from Thought

The European Commission established a high-level expert group in February 2021 to look at food systems and assess the gaps and ways to strengthen the international science-policy interface for a resilient food future.

Food from Thought’s Scientific Director Dr. Evan Fraser is a member of this expert group and contributed to a report, “Everyone at the Table: Transforming food systems by connecting science, policy and society.” The report provides recommendations to stakeholders on strengthening international science-policy interfaces for improved food systems governance.

“Developing strong mechanisms to link scientific insights and community knowledge to policy making is a necessary component of developing strategies to sustainably feed the world’s growing population and address climate change. This report lays out the principles, aspirations, and tactics for how such “science-policy-society” interfaces could work at regional and global levels,” said Dr. Fraser.

The report concludes that food systems transformation requires ambitious, interlinked science-policy-society interfaces, including multilateral governance, multisectoral task forces, and a network of networks.