FfT Researchers Find Cyber-attacks a Growing Threat to Farm and Food Security

Mon, 29, August, 2022 by Food from Thought

Food from Thought Researcher Ali Dehghantanha, assistant professor and director of the Cyber Science Lab in the School of Computer Science has published a new paper reviewing current technology used on farms. Dehghantanha’s Food from Thought project “A CyberSecurity Monitoring and Threat Hunting System for Protecting Smart Farming System” is the only Canadian university research investigating weaknesses and potential cyber-attack strategies and tactics in the agricultural sector.

“The level of cybersecurity protection in agriculture is minimal to non-existent,” he said. “The agricultural sector is a soft underbelly from a cybersecurity point of view.”

His group is developing techniques and procedures to detect, analyze and respond to cyber-attacks on smart farming systems.

Read this article for more information on this project.


Dr. Ali Dehghantanha