A Plurality of Ideas

Tue, 28, November, 2017 by Food from Thought

Cameron Fioret is a Research Assistant with Food From Thought and a PhD student with Dr. Monique Deveaux, Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Global Social Change in the College of Arts. The focus of his study concerns ethics, property, and the distribution of natural resources.

FeedBack is a blog of reflections by the 2017 AFI-FFT Grad Cohort on their experiences so far in the program.

My time with the Arrell Food Institute has been exciting so far! I’m inspired by my thoughtful and driven colleagues, and our projects for the future have the potential to improve life. EIght weeks ago, none of us knew each other and had yet to formulate ideas for projects. Now, however, we’ve formulated ideas and are about to meet with important non-academic actors in our community. This process has been one of pure creation.

My doctoral work deals with property, as well as ethics concerning water and food distribution, and my project with the Arrell Food Institute complements my graduate study. My group looks at climate change, broadly, and how it is connected to farming issues. Our areas of study might look at land rental vs. ownership, how different crop types affect climate change, and food growth and distribution concerns with regard to climate change. My group is interdisciplinary, as we have backgrounds in public health, philosophy, water resources, and plant agriculture. This interdisciplinary nature is an asset because we all have different perspectives to bring towards the problem that we want to ameliorate. A plurality of ideas is the best route in solving problems.

I’m eager to continue my work with Food From Thought and the Arrell Food Institute. The coming months will be filled with stimulating work as our project takes shape. I can’t wait to get started!