Patty Kedzierski

Role: Conference Bursary Recipient

Department: Animal Biosciences

Conference Attended: 2022 American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting

Location: Kansas City, MO (Virtual)

Value: $400.00

Research Presentation: 

The project I am planning to present is covering the topic of using regression equations to account for individual variation in retained energy and heat production automatically in free-stall housed dairy cows. The advent of novel automated technology allows us the opportunity to individually monitor dairy cattle. We can measure dry matter intake, milk production, respiratory gas exchange and heat production, which allows us to monitor individual metabolic health of dairy cows. Often times dairy cattle are fed the same diet which can to lead to under or over-feeding which can lead to individual differences in production and health. Using automated technology and regression equations we can estimate these individual differences in dairy cattle and see where their differences vary the most. Using this information we can fulfill our ultimate goal of creating an individualized nutrient supplementation program for each cow. This fits into Food From Thought’s landscape scale mission of sustainability intensifying production. This project also fits into the category of using big data to improve overall health and production of dairy cows, as well as improve profitability of farms.

Objectives for Attending: 

By attending this conference I hope to expand my knowledge and gain new ideas related to precision dairy management. My goal is to expand my network by making new connections with other industry professionals, such as students, educators and professors. I hope to be able to form possible collaborations, and new insight on research methods, as well as new technologies available for the dairy industry. Connecting with others and sharing ideas at the ADSA annual meeting will help to further the development of precision dairy farming as a whole. There are several “production, management and the environment” platform sessions available at the meeting surrounding the topic of big data and novel automated technologies, which will allow me to learn and further develop my skills in analyzing big data, working with dairy cattle and creating unique research ideas. By attending these sessions and other talks available at the ADSA annual meeting I hope to gain other perspectives on my research that will help me to make the best possible impact on the dairy industry. Lastly, at the meeting there will also be opportunities to meet companies that are creating novel technologies or nutritional supplements, which offers the potential for future research partnerships. Being able to meet other professionals and companies from around the world, and attending platform sessions will give me a better understanding on what and how dairy research is currently being done around the world. All of these things are crucial to the success and continuation of my professional development as a PhD candidate in precision dairy management.