Koryn Hare

Role: Conference Bursary Recipient

Department:  Animal Biosciences

Conference Attended: 2022 American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Value: $1,653.00

Research Presentation: 

My research focuses on neonatal calf welfare by investigating the factors that control colostrum production and composition during late gestation. With an understanding of the colostrogenesis process and which bioactives are transported into colostrum, I then look for the downstream impact of those bioactive factors on the neonatal calf. There is a strong possibility for developmental programming through bioactive factors that are in colostrum and, by revealing their role for neonatal development, my research aims to improve the welfare and gastrointestinal health of neonatal dairy calves; thereby, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of youngstock rearing on Canadian dairy farms.

Objectives for Attending: 

My objectives with attending this conference are to 1) share research from my PhD and receive feedback from animal scientists at the conference, 2) learn about the latest research from other universities and expand my knowledge about dairy science, and 3) have the opportunity to network with other conference attendees and discuss the latest research.