Joe Sehl

Role: IBM Canada’s Innovation Team Leader

Joe Sehl is the leader of IBM Canada’s Innovation team; a team focused on driving innovation in Canada by leveraging emerging and advanced applications of technology and research through unique long term collaboration models and partnerships.  In his role, Joe has contributed to numerous organizations including Ontario’s Smart Computing for Innovation Platform (SOSCIP), integrating researchers in Ontario’s universities with industry stakeholders to solve social, technical and business challenges and Memorial University’s Centre for Health Informatics and Analytics (CHIA), a platform facilitating the rapid interrogation and integration of complex source data from multiple partner organizations to address issues associated with health and long-term care.

Joe has held multiple executive assignments in IBM across many disciplines – finance, sales, business management, financing – over 35 plus years.  Joe is a strong believer in the power of non-profit organizations and is currently a board member of Capacity Canada.  Joe graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons).