Ivan Campos

Role: Conference Bursary Recipient

Department: Animal Biosciences

College: OAC

Conference Attended: American Society of Animal Science

Location: Louisville, Kentucky (Attending Virtually)

Value: $336

Research Presentation:

Projected climatic changes, mostly the increase in temperature, leading to hotter summers and potential heat stress, will have a profound impact on livestock. For the dairy industry, where genetic selection has been widely implemented to select animals with higher productivity, this represents a major issue. In general, high-production cows do not cope well with environmental stressors, which can be translated into less heat-tolerant animals. This is the scope of my PhD thesis, which is a continuation of the research I did in my Masters. The project will deliver tools for superior identification of heat-tolerant animals. Therefore, it will contribute towards the long-term goal of delivering novel breeding programs to select naturally better adapted livestock, with the ability to maintain robust fitness and production in the face of shifting environmental conditions.

Objectives for Attending: 

I would like to attend this conference to present the research I have been conducting at the University of Guelph at a globally attended conference. The main objective I want to achieve with this conference is to be updated on innovations and advancements achieved by other researchers. Attending virtually, I plan to contact those researches that are working on projects related to mine. Even virtually, I plan to maximize my networking by attending the panel of discussions and other events offered by the conference.