Eduardo de Souza Ribeiro

Role: Assistant Professor (Animal Biosciences)

Using a holistic approach that combines state-of-the-art basic science with applied research, Eduardo’s research examines the problem of subfertility in cattle at all levels of organization, from farm enterprise to cow to tissue to cell to gene. His research has improved our understanding of the molecular control of embryonic development in the cow, pinpointed postpartum diseases and anovulation as major causes of subfertility plaguing dairy cattle throughout the world, established target supplementation of somatotropin as a strategy to improve embryonic survival in lactating dairy cows, and tested novel reproductive programs for dairy herds. Current research projects in Eduardo’s laboratory continue to investigate key events in dairy cattle reproductive biology and postpartum health that ultimately contribute for the success of transition management, production efficiency, pregnancy establishment and survival to term. Research findings are then translated to the development and application of management strategies in commercial herds aiming to optimize sustainability of dairy production.

Food from Thought project(s): Applying wearable sensors & machine learning to improve dairy cow health & production

Project category: Digital Research

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