Chloe Alexander

Role: HPQ Scholar

Degree: PhD

Primary Faculty Advisor: Kate Parizeau

Department: Geography, Environment, and Geomatics

I am a PhD candidate in the department of Geography, Environment, and Geomatics at the University of Guelph. In my research, I will evaluate the various strategies that governments and businesses use to reduce food waste in the industrial food sector (food manufacturing and processing) and institutional food sector (hospitals, nursing homes, schools). My research will involve analyzing government (federal, provincial, and municipal) regulations on food waste and understanding the specific policies and procedures businesses use to reduce waste. I hope to identify barriers and possible food waste reduction opportunities to help firms and governments tackle this issue.

The HQP program has helped me to build confidence and skills in knowledge mobilization and communication. I learned how to communicate complex, scientific information through various mediums (elevator pitch, PowerPoint presentation, policy brief, infographics, and social media) to various stakeholders, including community partners, politicians, and businesses. This experience has encouraged me to get involved in knowledge mobilization activities such as:

  • Conducting webinars to teach high school students about food waste.
  • Producing an Instagram video on food waste & COVID-19.
  • Participating in a Twitter conference to discuss my other research interests.

The HQP Program has been invaluable as I work towards my future career as a food waste consultant to support governments and businesses to reduce food waste in Canada’s agri-food system.