Bruna Mion

Role: Conference Bursary Recipient

Department: Animal Biosciences

Conference Attended: American Dairy Science Association 2022 Annual Meeting

Location: Kansas City, MO, US

Value: $2,787.26

Research Presentation: 

The period between 21 days prior and 21 days after calving is considered challenging for dairy cows because entails the transition from a pregnant nonlactating state to a nonpregnant lactating state. This transition is accompanied by endocrine and metabolic changes, which increase susceptibility to health disorders. One-third of the dairy cows are diagnosed with at least one clinical disease within three weeks postpartum. Although cows with clinical problems are treated and clinical resolution is obtained within few days, performance and fertility is impaired in these cows. The mechanisms by which fertility and milk production are impaired are still unclear. We hypothesize that the long-term effects of impaired transition on reproduction are mediated by altered uterine environment. The objectives of our project are to evaluate: (1) whether the composition of the uterine histotroph during the breeding period is influenced by the challenges imposed during transition period; (2) whether target intervention could be designed to minimize the consequences of an impaired transition period. A better understanding of the factors leading to poor performance and fertility might lead to development of strategies to reduce the negative impact, and potentially optimize performance of cows and dairy production in Canada and worldwide.

Objectives for Attending: 

The ADSA Conference is the biggest event in Dairy Science and numerous researchers, students, and industry members from all parts of the world attend. It is a great opportunity to participate in the conference for several reasons. Presenting the results of the research I’ve been working on and having the opportunity to discuss with known researchers in the area and listen to other points of view from researchers with other expertise will contribute to improving my knowledge in the area. Having the opportunity to watch the presentation from other students and discuss with them their research will be very valuable for me to understand the more recent research ongoing in several renowned institutions and also to learn new concepts in my area of study. This is my last year as a PhD student, in this sense, this conference will help me to improve my networking with researchers and industry members, which could benefit and support the next steps of my career. I feel fortunate and honoured for being chosen to represent the Animal Biosciences department of the University of Guelph in PhD Oral Competition. Other than using this opportunity to discuss my research with other attendees and examiners in the competition, it is an event where we can give visibility to the quality of the research we are performing at the University of Guelph and show how we are contributing to improving the dairy industry.