Conference Bursary Recipient Presents Research at International Symposium in Ireland

Tue, 20, June, 2023 by Food from Thought

Guilherme Madureira, an Arrell scholar and PhD candidate in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph, showcased his research at the 11th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium from May 28 to June 1, 2023, in Galway, Ireland. This globally acclaimed conference, held every four years, brought together leading experts in the field to discuss advancements in reproductive science.

Madureira’s attendance at the symposium was made possible by the Food from Thought Conference Bursary, which provides early career researchers with opportunities to present their work at conferences and events in Canada and internationally.

Madureira showcased his research on uterine environment and pregnancy establishment in cows

During the event, Madureira shared his research findings through a poster session to shed light on the pivotal role played by the uterine environment in determining the viability and development of the conceptus, a crucial aspect for reproductive success in dairy cows.

“The opportunity to present my research at the International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium was a tremendous honour,” said Madureira.

“I am grateful to the Food from Thought Conference Bursary for enabling me to attend this prestigious event and share my findings with fellow researchers. This experience has broadened my knowledge and allowed me to establish valuable connections within the scientific community.”

Madureira’s participation at the symposium underscores the University of Guelph’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and supporting the professional development of young researchers.

Madureira conducted his research under the guidance of Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro, a professor in the Department of Animal Biosciences. Dr. Ribeiro’s research investigates factors in reproductive biology that contribute to the establishment and survival of pregnancy.

“Guilherme’s dedication and expertise in his research are truly commendable. His findings can potentially impact our understanding of reproductive processes in ruminant animals significantly,” said Dr. Ribeiro.

Food from Thought empowers young researchers

The 11th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium provided an opportunity for Madureira to present his research and facilitated invaluable interactions with leading experts in the field. The conference featured plenary sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, creating an environment conducive to sharing knowledge and exploring collaborations.

The Food from Thought Conference Bursary aims to empower young researchers like Madureira, to showcase their work on the global stage. By fostering academic excellence and promoting scientific exchange, the bursary program continues to nurture the next generation of innovators in agricultural sciences.