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18 September 2018

Industry News: Our Data Road Map

Food from Thought director of research data strategy, Karen Hand, was featured in a Country Guide article about agriculture data.
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6 September 2018

Appointment of Assistant Professor in Statistics to Support Food from Thought Through Computational Statistics and Big Data Analytics

The University of Guelph has named Dr. Khurram Nadeem as Assistant Professor in Statistics. His role began on August 1,
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3 September 2018

Globe and Mail: ‘Slow’ Chickens? Not so fast. Why an animal-welfare solution is more complicated than some expected

Food from Thought principal investigator Dr. Tina Widowski and lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Torrey are featured in a Globe and
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1 September 2018

Reddit: Not Enough Land to Produce Recommended Food

The Food from Thought-funded paper “Global land use implications of dietary trends” went viral on social media networking site Reddit.
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13 August 2018

Appointment of Assistant Professor in Precision Agriculture to Advance Food from Thought Research and Training in Sustainable Agriculture

The University of Guelph has named Dr. John Sulik as Assistant Professor of Precision Agriculture. His role began on June
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7 August 2018

Food from Thought Welcomes New Research Assistant Cohort for September 2018

The University of Guelph has selected sixteen outstanding graduate students to receive exclusive Food from Thought Research Assistant awards for
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3 July 2018

Descriptive Transcripts

Plant Communication – Clarence Swanton Ecological Entanglement: Spooky Action at a Distance – Kevin McCann Merritt Turetsky – Carbon Climate
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12 June 2018

Conversation Canada: Restaurants Not Only Feed Us, They Shape Our Food Preferences

Food from Thought principal investigator Alfons Weersink was featured in the Conversation Canada discussing restaurants and food preferences. Prof. Weersink
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22 May 2018

Industry News: Trust the Opportunity

Food from Thought principal investigator and scientific director, Evan Fraser, discusses the amount of food available to feed the planet
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25 April 2018

Appointment of Director of Research Data Strategy for Food from Thought

The University of Guelph has named Dr. Karen Hand as the new Director of Research Data Strategy for the Food
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23 March 2018 Monitor climate change, not predators, to protect lake diversity

Food from Thought principal investigator Andrew MacDougall weighs in on the role of climate change and fish diversity. According to
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30 January 2018

Discovering a Bigger Impact for the Agri-food System

Michelle Thompson is an Food from Thought research assistant and a Masters student in Plant Agriculture with Dr. Manish Raizada,
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22 January 2018

Touring Family-Owned Crop, Poultry and Dairy farms

On a sunny day during the last week of September, we, the inaugural Arrell Food Institute and Food from Thought
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7 December 2017

The Hill Times: Canada Needs to Adopt Blockchain Technology to Meet Ambitious Agriculture and Food Goals

Food from Thought scientific director and principal investigator, Evan Fraser, wrote an op-ed in The Hill Times about Blockchain in
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28 November 2017

A Plurality of Ideas

Cameron Fioret is a Research Assistant with Food From Thought and a PhD student with Dr. Monique Deveaux, Canada Research Chair
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20 November 2017

Interdisciplinary Approach for Big Data and Agriculture

Emily Duncan and Andrew Nixon are Food From Thought Research Assistants with Food From Thought, and Katya Kudashinka and Nasrin
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10 November 2017

Water and Our Food

Kathleen Johnson is an Arrell Scholar and a Masters student in water resources engineering in the School of Engineering with
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7 November 2017

Food Literacy for Canadians

Kristin Mattice, Melissa MacKinnon, Shannon Cartwright and Midian Nascimento dos Santos are research assistants with Food From Thought. Kristin is a PhD
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