Leonardo Melo

Role: HQP Scholar

Degree: PhD

Program: Low-cost and scalable water disinfection technology development for livestock farm stormwater treatment and irrigation re-use

Department: School of Engineering (SOE) (CEPS)

What inspired you to pursue your current degree? 

I have the goal of never ceasing to learn, so when the PhD became the next step, I began searching for possibilities to move to Ontario, as I loved visiting Toronto a couple of years ago. In the end, one thing made the other possible.

What about your research area excites you? 

The fact that I am being able to combine manufacturing, which is something I love, to an entirely new area to me, which is Environmental Engineering.

What challenges do you find in your research, and how do you try to overcome them? 

The main challenge goes hand in hand with what excites me: as I am embracing a new area, a whole new universe opens up to me, and some difficulties come along. I have actually found myself having to remember basic concepts of courses I have studied over a decade ago 🙂

How would you describe your research and the implications of your project? 

In a few words, my research consists in working on a new filtering possibility for stormwater treatment, so it can be used for irrigation and livestock purposes. The idea is for it to be both low-cost and scalable, and the main implication would be to provide a new, viable and more accessible option of water source for the rural sector.

What are three of your favourite activities outside the lab? 

Rebuilding – and improving – old cars, studying stocks and watching series.

What is one important thing you have learned during the pandemic? 

What really matters is health, everything else can be achieved.